Computer Game Review – Vitamini

Vitamini is a $2 free riddle game for certain intriguing material science and three rather unique ongoing interaction modes. These modes are designated “3D squares,” “Chains,” and “Shapes,” and each of the three are slight changes on the fundamental hued block puzzle rounds of the past. Be that as it may, the controls are more unique, as blocks aren’t compelled to the network spread out behind them, however are somewhat permitted to drift and pivot unreservedly with an actually shockingly charming material science framework. The controls are on point, and crushing blocks around the screen is somewhat fun.

Sadly, none of the three riddle game plans inside truly use the fun from the material science. “Chains” comes the nearest, as same-hued blocks become joined by short strings when they come in touch. Contingent upon the level, a particular length of chain should be reached before those blocks are cleared. Since the blocks tumble down the screen previously joined to blocks of various varieties, these strings confine development in a tomfoolery way on later levels, constraining you to truly mess with blocks like a round of “Twister” to get every one of the blocks you need to connect. It takes a persistence to get to this tomfoolery game, however, as the simpler levels of the game don’t actually need a lot of thought, and can lessen the player to fatigue rapidly. Essentially holding down the spacebar to deliver new blocks into the region is an extremely effective procedure for these early levels, which shows exactly the way that basic and exhausting they are. The trouble inclines up rapidly, as time pressure diminishes your “energy” check on the right half of the screen, which closes the game when it runs out.

The other game modes are less unique, and don’t utilize the physical science motor’s assets. “3D squares” essentially expects that you contact a specific number of blocks together to get them cleared, losing the tomfoolery strings repairman. “Shapes” utilizes สล็อต the mouse and allows you to take as much time as is needed to switch blocks with each other so each “shape” of a few blocks is one tone in particular. Both of these experience the ill effects of a similar issue with “Chains” in that they present no test by any means for such a large number of levels.

The game plan and adjusting is a little harsh in such manner, however the show is shockingly close. While not up to the expert benchmark of the PSP’s Lumines, it draws nearer than you could expect a $2 game to come. There is just a single piece of music utilized in the title, yet a genuinely fulfilling and loosening up song is tuned to function admirably with the audio effects in the game. The GUI has a few decent livelinesss and looks very much planned, however once more, there is just a single realistic thought, instead of one that changes on various levels like Lumines does.

As per the Vitamini blog, the game was ineffectively pitched to Sony and Nintendo, as well as Steam, the computer game download administration. It’s not difficult to see the reason why, yet the game is nearer to being at that level than it might appear from the start. Adding new tunes would keep the interest up as levels advanced. The game likewise needs adjusting to ensure that gamers don’t get exhausted when the game gets going. Be that as it may, the difficult work has been finished, the structure is there for a strong riddle game. Vitamini as it is can’t actually be known as a completed item, however at just $2, merits checking out. The music alone is almost worth the effort.